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Marble treatment
Master Pro | one of the Growing Companies in Property Management
Marble treatment

Restoring and refinishing of marble, granite and stone is an art.

How to clean a stone ?

Dust mop or vacuum your marble, granite and stone first on a regular schedule.

Wet mop your floor with a safe neutral stone detergent.To keep stone and grout surfaces dirt free, always use a clean string cotton mop.

Never place glasses or bottles that contain acidic beverages, plants directly on stone. 

Always use a placemat or glass clusters to avoid glass rings from glasses, perfumed bottles, coffee, etc. 

Some soaps and shampoo are also highly alkaline.

Use a soap tray when possible.


Stone should be restored and polished if scratches appear on the surface.

Restoration will eliminate any scratches or dullness. 

This should be done every seven (7) years, depending on traffic patterns, if needed.

Polishing is needed on High Traffic areas every 3 years Stone restoration involves "Honing" which eliminates the scratches and etching that dulls the stone surface.

Small diamond pads which are used for abrasive purposes to eliminate the scratches .

They start from 1,2,3 , 3f , up to 600 A polishing compound and a buffing pad are used to apply friction to bring the natural refraction of marble, granite, and stone an we arrived to have a gloss height upper 90 , Stone shines for many years if properly maintained as follows, For that Always use .MasterPro to maintain your Stone in a good condition


Marble treatment Marble treatment Marble treatment